How to apply dubbin wax in 5 easy steps!

How to apply dubbin wax in 5 easy steps.

So you’ve just come back from a long hike and you’ve noticed that your leather boots are starting to look worn and cracked. To help rectify this I’ve created a video demonstrating how to apply dubbin wax in 5 easy steps to help keep them in good order.  It’s really important that you don’t let the leather dry out because it’ll wear faster and crack. If you’re out hiking a lot check out my other posts on my top 5 hiking jackets and hiking trousers for men.

1. Prepare your boots

Wash off the dirt with a cloth (I don’t tend to use a brush on the leather so that you don’t scratch it). I use Karrimor KSB Orkney III Weatherlite Brown walking boots:

2. Heat them

Dry off your boots with a towel and heat with a hair dryer. Don’t get the hair dryer to close or you’ll dry out the leather (it just needs to be warm to the touch).

3. Rub in your wax

I heat the tube for a few seconds to make sure the wax is nice and malleable, then take a finger nail amount onto a cloth and rub it into your boot (it should leave a shiny residue behind). The brand I use is Gold Label Dubbing wax.

4. Leave them for an hour

Go make yourself a drink

5.Buff your boots with a cloth.

Take a clean cloth and buff the boots until the oily shine has disappeared.

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