Best running apps for android

Best running apps for androidHalf-marathon

Hey all,

So as you all know running is a great way to stay healthy and get outside and as it’s so important to me, I wanted to post what I think are the best running apps for android that don’t require any additional gadgets. I’ve used quite a few over the years playing trial and error so thought I’d share my thoughts on my favourite running apps below.


Your history is easily accessible and comparing the same route is simple with the customisable run screen. The free version is basic, but you can easily link up other apps such as my fitness pal etc. With the Pro version (£40 per year, paid upfront) you can get tailored running plans, with a voice coach to guide you through your run and live tracking which is great. If you wanted to add a smart watch, you can only add your Garmin to your account but Runtastic have their own HR monitor you can buy.


This running app really highlights the competition you can have with your friends as you can quickly view your mates and rivals progress which is great as it encourages you to challenge yourself. It’s £47.99 for the year paid upfront or £6.99 per month (£84 for the year). You can customise the levels to get it a little cheaper but then this must be paid upfront.


The app is very similar to the set up for Runtastic and at £20.99 (half that of Runtastic and Strava) or £4.99 monthly it’s a great deal and still comes with training plans, run analysis and audio coach. It also comes with interval training runs for those of you who want to push yourselves that little bit harder!


Great little app, the home screen displays your fastest times for 5K up to a Marathon. It offers personalised running plans depending on the distance you’re aiming for. You can select the type of workout you wish to do e.g. burn 200 calories. Audio stats to let you know how you’re doing, with the option to link your Fitbit and or Garmin. You can pay monthly, but the cost goes up to £96 compared to £30 if you pay upfront.


All these running apps for android are great for anyone just getting started or those seasoned runners out there. Each has its pro and cons (usually the price) but would work for all, check out the links I’ve left above and leave a comment with what app you went for?




Disclaimer: All memberships costs were correct at the time of publishing

7 thoughts on “Best running apps for android

  1. A friend of mine uses Strava and I have been meaning to take a look myself. Strava really sounds like it is affordable and you have can connect with other people. Running can be hard enough, so the extra motivation would be awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on each of these apps, I will definitely give Strava a good look.

  2. Hi Alun,

    Thanks for your informative post, I have heard about all except Edmondo.

    I have been using Pacer, it is an all-in-one pedometer and fitness tracker that takes advantage of your phone’s built-in sensors to track your steps, walking and running times, and route in a low-fuss interface designed to just work in the background. Users can track their activity history and trends, view their routes, create custom fitness goals, and participate in challenges and motivational groups to add a social aspect to exercise. The app also plays well with other fitness hubs like Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and Fitbit, allowing you to sync your data from Pacer to other fitness apps. All of this comes in a free package, though premium subscribers get additional features like guided workouts and weight loss plans.

    1. Oh wow thanks for that, I haven’t heard of Pacer, but sounds great for people who don’t have a Fitbit etc.

  3. Hey Alun,
    Yeah, with the tech world we are in today a little extra motivation through an app that helps you set and track goals makes sense and can only help. A nice convenient short list for beginners to novice.

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